• Deck renewals, Structural & Hull Inspection
  • Inspection of propeller damage, nut looseness & blade polishing.
  • Installation of, commissioning and maintenance of all kinds of Hull fitting and equipments such as Winches, Ladders,apstans, Windlass, Doors, Windows, Bollards and Hatch covers.
  • High-pressure water jet and blasting treatment, Hull cleaning of marine growth. Anti-corrosive painting and anti-fouling paints, Renewal of sacrificial anodes.
  • Examination of Anchor chain, cleaning and remaking.
  • Tail shaft bearing wear down inspection & dismantling.
  • Crane overhauling, Grabs and derricks.
  • Overhauling of overboard and sea suction valves.
  • Tanks cleaning and surveying.
  • Pipe renewal, Pipe fitting, Glanding & Insulations.
  • All sorts of out fitting jobs.
  • Gangways, Tanks, Air vent Heads and pressure system.

  • Overhauling of main engines, alternates, gear boxes.
  • Installation and commissioning of main engines.
  • Overhauling of cylinder liners and covers
  • Overhauling all kinds of compressors
  • Crankshaft deflections and Crankcase doors
  • Overhauling of valves, Pressure valves and line valves.
  • Overhauling of all auxiliary system turbines
  • Alternators Installation and commissioning
  • All types of Winches installation & commissioning.
  • Installation and commissioning of ABT and all types of control panels.
  • Overhauling of electric motors & generators
  • Installation of junction boxes and switch boards
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Cathodic hull protection system.
  • Insulation and rewinding of motors.

  • Inspection and troubleshooting of underwater fittings like echo sounder, ICCP anode, Sonar, EM log and electrodes.
  • Propeller polishing
  • Photo & Videography of underwater hull
  • Wet welding of structural damage
  • Underwater cleaning of hull for marine fouling
  • Inspection and survey of hull, propellers, hull fouling, stabilizers and paint condition
Zion Provides a gamut of marine services to its discerming clientete .that include as follows
* Owner Protective Management
* Clearing & forwarding
* Spare part Supply.
* Offshare Rig & Ship stores supply (LSA FFA Deck ,Engine & Provisions)
* Ship repairs
* Catering Services
* Technical Cnsultancy

Zion Ship Care Services ,a part of the Zion Marine Serevices,which manitences services like Ship Repairs as follows
* Owner Protective Management
* Steel & Pipe Renewals
* Engine Repair
* Inspection & Calibration
* Fabrication & Hull Repair
* Electrical & Electronics
* Cargo Gear
* Fixed Machinery Repair
* Rotating Machinery Repairs
* Hydraulics & Pneumatics
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